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26 April 2006 - NEW Release! UK DCP 3.1

About UK DCP 3.1

UK DCP 3.1 is a software tool that can be used to analyse and interpret data collected using a Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP). This software is not intended to replace normal engineering judgement. The procedures used are intended for users who already have a throrough understanding of DCP analysis and are capable of deciding which method of analysis is most appropriate for individual situations.  This 3.1 release features a number of bug fixes found in 2.2 and introduces new road design tools. 

System Requirements

Processor - 400Mhz
Memory - 64MB
Hard disk space - 45MB
Operating System - Microsoft Windows 98/2000/me/NT/XP

To run UK DCP 3.1 successfully on PCs with Windows 98 or Windows ME an additional Microsoft data access component is required. Click here to download the component for Windows 98 or Windows ME (5427 KB).

Installation of UK DCP 3.1 software and manual

Click here to download and install UK DCP 3.1 software and manual from the self extracting zip archive (10.2MB).

UK DCP 3.1 Manual

Click here to view the UK DCP 3.1 manual.

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Tests and Analysis – Technical Information Note

Click here to download the Technical Information Note (297 KB).

Previous release – UK DCP 2.2

UK DCP 3.1 supercedes the earlier 2.2 release and support for the older version has now been discontinued.  Data files generated in UK DCP 2.2 can be merged into 3.1.  Please see the manual for details.

Key Features include...

Simple management of data sets

Graphical analysis of data either manually or automatically

Calculation of structural numbers

Interrogation of results allowing road sections to be clearly identified

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